Best Practice For National Account Contracts - Service Calls Paid For By Vendor Credit

Use this post if you get paid and this post if you get a credit.

Some dealers receive compensation for National Accounts by way of the labor reimbursement for each service call. These machines are under contract (and should have a contract record billing to your customer) but dealer is compensated via a flat rate labor. Tracking this in eAuto is needed for contract profitability as well as posting received payments/credits.

Each Service Call should be assigned BillTo of National Account (i.e. Xerox, Canon):

Make sure the contract is still assigned to the service call:

Bill each service call, under labor, for the flat rate you are compensated: 


Once invoiced, this completes the service call transaction.

When payment received, the invoice(s) for those service calls will show under National Account Receivable Console. Just apply the payment like any other payment. 


**Please note: When you run the profitability for this contract make sure to select the option to show billed and non-billed items. Then your profitability will accurately reflect the payments you are getting directly from National Account along with the normal contract profitability. Please see CEO Juice Custom Report/Alert ID150: Contract Analytics Customer Profitability

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