New Alerts Website Overview

We have updated! We are hoping our new site gives you access to more tools and resources. 

*You can reset your password

*You can search for and export all of your active alert subscriptions and see who is getting what

*Highlighted new features include:



Wildcard Search

Alert Snooze

Survey Questions


LogIn is not required to search our alerts. You can search our alerts by:

1. ID#

2. Tag (Categories in lined with eAuto Modules i.e. AP, AR, Service) Enter one letter in this field and you will be provided an list of tags starting with this letter

3. Wild Card searched on any word listed in ALL alert names and ALL alert purposes

4. This section lets you narrow it down if you have specifics before you start your search


At login page you can reset your password:


Once logged in, you have access to:

1. Your subscriptions (subscribed, active, snoozed, not subscribed)

2. Help Articles

3. Your surveys (can preview and change questions)

4. Your account

5. Your contacts/users

6. Navigating around this website


 Menu Details:

1. Subscriptions


Added feature: you can subscribe to alerts but "snooze" them, this tells us you want to subscribe but you aren't ready for this alert to be made active. Access this snooze feature when subscribing to a new alert:


3. Surveys (please click HERE for more details on managing surveys)

Survey Dashboard - access survey results, see your NPS score

Adminster Surveys - shows you which surveys you're subscribed to, shows a preview of your survey and allows you to change survey questions



4. Contacts & Security Settings (please click HERE for more details on managing security settings)

Assign Security Levels:

Customer Admin - has access to everything

Customer Standard User - can not manage contacts, but has access to everything else

Customer Subscription Manager - can only manage subscriptions (subscribe, unsubscribe, update)

Customer Read Only - just like Standard, but can't edit any info

Customer Dashboard Only - can view Survey Dashboard

Customer Survey Manager - can manage/administer Surveys



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