ID935 - Special Pricing due to Expire Overview & Sample

Recent versions of eAutomate give you the option to put special pricing in place for a given customer and pre-set that pricing to expire on a given date, but it does not give you good visibility on who has what pricing or for how long. This alert will fire monthly and advise you and/or the rep that pricing for a given customer is due to expire in the next thirty days. This gives you time to consider extending, modifying or simply reminding the customer that pricing will revert to standard.

ID935 Sample:

**This alert will only show Special Pricing with an expiration date.**

To set up Special Pricing for your Customer, follow these steps:

1. Make sure CustomerRecord has Customer Pricing enabled

2. Access Special Pricing by right clicking on CustomerRecord or by selecting $Prices:

3. Enter, by Item, Customer Prices


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