APPS - How to Access, Overview

We have several Apps available to you to help us improve reports. Current Apps are:

Dispatch Board / ID917 - This App allows you to customize stats for displaying on a large screen in your showroom. (used for ID917)

Financial Mapping / ID893 - For those who want to compare their financials against "the model" (used for ID900)

Model Mapping / ID295 - This maps your model categories to allow us to report MIF segments correctly. (used for ID683 ID789 ID923)

Supply Entry Check / ID350 - An app to use while take supply order to determine potential excessive toner

Update Equipment Leases / ID667 - Key accurate lease information in eAutomate

ITT Dealers / ID945 - Tracking ShipIn/Ship Outs 

The Apps are launched from any browser with a connection to our "JuiceBox" (won't work from home unless you have a VPN ETC.).

**for ECi hosted clients, please see THIS LINK on accessing your apps**

Access via URL: http://<webserver>:8888/ceojuice (replace <webserver> with the name of the server where the ceojuice software is installed, the juicebox). Ask us if you do not know the name.

Each app has its own password:


Login: user / Password: map


Login: admin / Password: ceojuice

Non Admin (For IT managers to give out to people like service managers to run on their pc browser):


Login: user / Password: map

supply entry check

Login: user / Password: map

lease app

Login: user / Password: lease667


Login: user / Password: ceojuice

ITT Dealers

Login: user / Password: ceojuice






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