ID511 Report of Tech Parts Usage by $ Amount for day/month toTech/Manager Overview & Sample

This alert advises techs (and a rollup report to tech managers) of their total parts usage (by cost) for the day, and month-to-date, by $ amount. No detail is provided, literally just $ for the day and $ for the month. This is intended as a motivational and educational tool to help service departments understand the financial impact of their work. The results are sorted by MTD usages descending. Uses the Call Completed Date (not invoice date) for the 'daily', and also pulls in Completed calls not yet invoiced. The dollar amounts are the costs from the material entry(ies) on the call.

**This alert is based on Invoiced and Uninvoiced Service Calls and is based on Average Cost. Use Service Call Materials eView based on CloseDate to review details. The eView should also be filtered on techs with ZCJFieldTech Custom Property set to YES as well as Parts Only and parts pulled from tech warehouse (not main or other warehouses).

Tech missing?

-A tech won't show up on the current month's output until they actually have parts consumption on a call for that month.

-Alert requires tech have Custom Property of ZCJFieldTech set to YES

This alert should run in evenings as it reflects "todays parts" and will reflect daily usage as of the time it triggers (it does not consider since last time it ran for todays parts).

Daily Summary to Tech Manager:

Daily Tech Report:

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