ID882 - Meters Needed Message, Overview & Sample (in Development)

Estimated meters are a problem and not billing contracts because of no meters is a bigger one. This alert will post both Sales and Service messages in eAutomate advising the need to get a meter, so don't let that customer off the phone without a meter or ensure the tech gets one if there is service. It will identify billed meters in the last 90 days where the billed Beginning Meter and End Meter were both Estimated AND we have not received a 'Non-Estimated' meter after the last End Meter Date for that Equipment Meter.

The task first runs thru everyone that has that message string (ex: {MeterHold}" ) in the customer/equipment message..and remove that string for any record where we have received a non-estimated meter after the last billed meter date.... We will wrap the character string you indicate in VariableW with braces "{} VariableX is the customproperty attribute (type user defined lookup of Enabled/Disabled) that will set equipment or customer level to disable all customer equipment or specific equipment from being affected by this process.

Sample (right click on image to view in larger form):


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