ID912 Financial Benchmark Reporting Step By Step Guide

Our Financial Benchmark Model (SBA) Reporting is a powerful tool. Subscribing to alert ID912 means we put into place all the necessary tools for you to get this built.

Please follow these step by step instructions with listed links:


Step 1: Map your chart of accounts via ID893 Mapping App

You can directly access the mapping app at http://juiceserver:8888 and the report at http://juiceserver/reports.


Step 2: Run your Financial Reports by starting with ID900 which shows your mapped numbers with the SBA chart of accounts and your financial numbers. This report runs in SQL Reporting Services. Accessible at: http://<servername>/reports

Detailed instructions HERE 


Step 3: Review Reports (ID909). This is a report to help you review and analyze your financials month over month for rolling 12 months and help to understand how they can be improved. This is the key report as you are looking for trends!


Step 4: Review ID910/Account List to help you analyze what accounts are mapped and which have no financial data.


Step 5: For members of CDA, BPCA, SDG or PDG, we offer ID912 SBA Certification for submitting annual survey results.

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