ID747 Email Equip Service History to Tech at time of Assignment or Dispatch (in Development)

Could your technicians be more effective if better prepared for a service call? This alert gives the tech quick access to service call history. It will email the tech when a call is assigned or dispatched (you choose) with an overview of prior CM and PM service calls on the equipment they are about to visit. Info includes CallNumber, CallType, Date, Technician, Description (problem), Notes (resolution), Comma-Delimited list of parts used. Although this info is available in Remote Tech, it is cumbersome for tech to get to.

Variable Explanation:

VariableW - # of previous calls to report (default 6)

VariableX – ZCJFieldTech to limit to field techs

VariableW – Call Status to trigger on, Pending OR Dispatched 



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