SSRS and Active Directory

Our new SSRS reports use e-automate report security by linking with Active Directory, click here for details.

Because SSRS depends on Windows authentication, it does DEPEND on Active Directory and the server being part of the domain for all the report security to work. It can be changed to allow anonymous users, but all our current reports depend on a username passed in for the e-auto security to work. Anonymous authentication would show a blank user and thus we would just have to show everyone every report (not good).

A suggested workaround is to create a local user on the Juice box and the person needing the reports would use that local Juice box account. When a server is not part of the domain, this is the common solution. Our SSRS security has a table called ZCJ_ReportSecurityException, where we can simply add any local/domain accounts that are granted full access to our reports. This way, the local user account equivalent doesn't even have to exist in e-auto in case the client sets up a dummy/generic account for a few people to use.

And our tasks don't need AD/Domain to be set up. Since they run locally, those scheduled jobs are fine. It's just users trying to access the report server via URL.

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