ID893 - Employee Mapping Application Overview & Sample:

The Employee Mapping module within the Financial Mapping App allows you to designate by employee their job title, start & end date, months in position(s) and allocate as needed. 

The 'titles' are used within the ID900/Financial Performance Benchmarking to roll up employees into the 5 'Classes' that the SBA/CDA models want used, so at this time there is no option to create your own titles and/or classes. 

You can assign Titles (Job Description):

AND Classes:

(Classes are a departmental group - Service / Admin / Sales / Executive. Most of the employee to revenue metrics are to the ‘Class’ level and then to functional of Sales Mgr/Rep or Serv Mgr/Rep)

You need to assign each employee their title, %allocation to that position, start period and end period. 

Allocation - 50% may apply if the person fulfills multiple rolls or departments

OR perhaps employee is 50% Field Tech and 50% Sales Rep. This would require two entries for this employee (Use + sign next to employee name to add multiple line entries)

In this sample, the employee was a Field Tech from 01/2007 - 11/2015 and then as of 12/2015 became a Sales Rep.

You never want to change a person's title for the entire year if their position changed at some point during the year. You will need to have multiple entries for each position held in that year. 

For example, when a tech moves from 1-2 yr to 3-4yr. You would put an end period on the techs 1-2yr title, then put the next month period as the start period for the 3-4yr title and the 3-4yr title has no end date . The periods cannot overlap and exceed 100%, and the termination period is ‘thru’ the whole YYYYYMM period.


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