ID34 - Tech Activity Report Overview & Sample

See here for a 1 hour recorded webinar covering this report.

Here are some industry benchmarks: In the MFP world reschedules should be 8%, callbacks should be 10%, total work time should be 7-7.2 hours and FCE% should be 82%.

ID34 is delivered as an email with a PDF and is also installed as a custom report, see here if you don't have the custom report, here if information is not formatted correctly.

ID34 shows key metrics (from both completed and invoiced service calls) that you should be focused on to ensure your technicians are being effective.  Note that calls with a CallTypeCategory of 'Other' are shown on the report (in a separate column) but are not used for calculating technician statistics (first call fix rate, callbacks, etc.).

It is important that you are tracking non "screwdriver" time, see here for instructions.

You need to have your company holidays set up, more.

You may want to have a technician bonus in place to bring some attention to these numbers and drive the correct activity, more.



  1. CM is Corrective Maintenance calls (Break/Fix, only calls to track response times)
  2. PM is Preventative Maintenance calls
  3. CPD is Calls Per Day, Gross calls per day minus call backs and reschedules equals Net calls per day.
  4. Avg RT is Average Repair Time

NOTE:   Negative call counts could happen from voiding a call and then re-invoicing it outside of the period that the report is run for. It could also be caused by multiple labor entries. 


The supply cost in the totals section is the sum of all items consumed on calls where ServiceCodeCategory = 'S' for all of the techs listed on the report.

For column 1 if you see low numbers here (below 50%) you may not be tracking non screwdriver time correctly, see link above (here).


Conversely if this number is above 100% you probably have some data entry issues, things like a tech not closing a call until the next day. ID219 will catch these. Column 2 will show Unavailable time which you should be tracking via Time Card Entries, see post above. If reschedule calls are high (column 3) you may need to look at what parts are carried. There is an eAgent to set carstock levels, we can help configure this.  Callbacks not right (Column 4), ensure you are tracking callbacks by clicks and not just days, ID164.

Column 5 is looking at clicks serviced by the tech:


If any of this data is missing...


... check that you have your meter categories set correctly, are your B/W meter types pointing to the B/W meter category.

Having your callbacks tracked by clicks and not just days is an important metric, more here.

Pages serviced are based on the tech who did the initial call and it does not have to be the same tech that did the follow up call. So I did a call in Nov and the next call (follow up) came in this week. I get credit this week for the call I did in Nov, regardless of who was the follow-up tech is.

Parts variance for period is where we want to see how effective the parts use is by the tech so we do that by cpc. More here.

In Column 6 you can see the results from our closed call survey. This is the answer to the question "Rate our technician overall". 


If this column is empty ensure you have the correct category or ask us to update for you.




Remember we also provide a custom report version that you can run direct from eAutomate. This version has drill down so if you saw a technician with more than 100% in column 1 you could run the report for just that tech and that week and drill down. 

Here is Custom Report available filter settings:

This alert is not meant to be run on any custom schedule, it will report on too much information and will fail out.  The custom report was built to be run when you need different time frames. MUST run weekly on Monday mornings. (It will include closed calls, not invoiced, as long as the date it is closed falls within the date range of the report.)

***NOTE: This report does not send to the individual technician, only to each technician manager.  The 'ToTechnician' checkbox does not have any functionality in this case.  Only the 'ToTech Manager' checkbox will work for this alert.

See here for a list of additional alerts to help keep ID34 data accurate.


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