ID145 - Survey Sales Appointment Overview & Sample:

Sales people can exaggerate about the number/quality of the appointments they complete and know that it's tough for the sales manager to check on them all. This process is designed to go out after sales complete an introductory appointment. We send an email with a link to a survey, we suggest that the email come from the Owner or VP of sales. This email serves two purposes, to stop the reps from exaggerating about appointments and to get feedback from the prospect as to how the appointment actually went from the Prospect's perspective. Currently we are just doing this with Compass Sherpa.

We are planning to add it to the dashboard and publish results like we do for NPS, but it will not affect the NPS score.

Suggested email template:

Subject Line:  Your meeting with ABC Copier Company  

Hi (Sherpa Contact Name Here),

Our representative (Sherpa Contacted By) met with you recently.

I wanted to thank you for taking the time to meet and ask if you would take a couple of minutes more to give me feedback on that meeting.

We strive to ensure our sales people are solving problems for our potential customers and not wasting your time with unwanted and poorly directed sales pitches. As a thank you we are offering a Starbucks's gift certificate and hopefully an improved experience for your next meeting.

Our company is very focused on the very best customer experience and we can’t do that without feedback, however I won’t be offended if you just delete this email. You are also welcome to call me directly on 828-210-4311 if needed.

Although this is an automated email my contact information below is valid and I will get a reply, but feedback is best via the link as it is entered in our workflow and acted on, we can explain how using technology like this for your company could improve your processes.

I have also included this link to a one minute video on why to partner with ABC.

Click here to give us feedback on the appointment. 

Thank you in advance,

John Smith



Suggested questions (will use Compass contact/email):

This appointment was Very Productive or A waste of my time, zero to 10 where ten was Very Productive.

Rate the Account Executive's timeliness/appearance/professionalism zero to ten where five is average.

We know that not all personalities mesh, please let us know the fit here where zero is "can't stand each other" and ten is "best buds".

Rate the Account Executive's understanding of my requirements and knowledge of possible solutions zero to ten.

Rate the likelihood of a next step, zero to ten where ten is a definite next step. 

Have a manager contact me?  

Suggestions for Improvement

Click here for a one minute video on why to partner with ABC


Variable1 is the Sherpa Activity Code to trigger on:






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