ID501 - Serialized Host In-Stock Report Overview & Sample:

In Stock Equipment Report of serialized equipment for Specific Warehouses based on Status and/or Condition Codes

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This weekly alert and On Demand SSRS Report provides list of serialized equipment (with option to also show linked accessories) available in specified warehouse(s) and with set Status and/or Condition Codes. Intended to be a used inventory report for your Sales Team.

You can designate the cost showing by setting yourself on Custom Property (i.e. Sales Rep Commission Cost) or by selecting from three cost sources in eAutomate (Actual Cost, Standard or OutCostGroupDefault). 

This alert is clone-able so you can have different report for varying combinations of warehouses and status and/or condition codes.

Run Schedule: Mondays

Type of Output: Email and OnDemand SSRS Report


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Sample showing Costs and Accessories:


Sample showing NO Cost and with accessories:



*  *  *



**All Variables shown in RED are required for the emailed alert version to work.**


Variable W: Enter Warehouse Number(s) (not description) to run report for (separate with comma)

Variable X: Enter Equipment Status(es) to include (separate with comma)

Status Codes found in eAuto under Tools/Lists & Codes:


Variable Y: Cost Type to use for both Equipment and Accessories:

Enter name of Custom Property you use on Equipment Record that stores your Sales Rep Commissions Cost 



Enter 'Default' to show the default Price



Enter 'Actual Cost' to show your actual cost

Actual Cost can be found by selecting availability from Item Record:



Enter 'Standard' to show standard cost



Enter 'OutCostGroupDefault' to show default out cost group


Variable Z: Enter Condition code(s) to include (separate with comma)

Condition Codes found in eAuto under Tools/Lists & Codes:




Variable 1: Enter 'Show' or 'Hide' to indicate if linked accessories should print on report

Variable 2: Enter either 'Include' or 'Exclude' for allocated unavailable items

This can be found/seen via Item Availability. If any allocated, would show Qty allocated and Sales Order details if serial number linked to an open Sales Order.


Variable 3: Enter Report Title Name (Title you want printed at top of report)

Variable 4: Enter Bin(s) to include on report (separate with comma)

Variable 5Enter 'AND' to consider Condition and Status Codes to report on. Enter 'OR' to consider Condition or Status Codes to report on. IF you are NOT listing any Condition or Status Codes in VariableX or VariableZ, be sure this Variable5 is set to OR (not AND).

Variable 6: Enter Yes/No Show Cost 

*  *  *


Alert Functionality

Alert Functionality

-You will receive an email for each "clone" subscription, including blank when no equipment qualifies under your variable settings.

-Accessory cost shown will match Cost Type selection from VariableY or your RepCostSource on SSRS Report

-You can set alert to not consider either Status Codes (VariableX) or Condition Codes (VariableZ), BUT be sure your Variable5 is then set to OR.

-In order for equipment to show on report, the Model Record must be marked as Host:


-In order for accessories to show on report, accessories must be linked to host machine on Equipment Record:


-Meter readings shown are the last VALID and BILLABLE meter reading as seen here in eAuto:





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OnDemand Report Filters

OnDemand Report Filters


Group By: Select to group report by Warehouse/Bin/Item OR Item/Warehouse/Bin

Include Unavailable: Select Yes/No to include unavailable in inventory equipment

Show Cost: Yes/No to show costs on report

Condition: Enter condition code(s) to consider (separate multiple entries by comma)

Condition Code found on Equipment Record here:


Eventoutputid: Please do not change - disregard, for reporting purposes only

Rep Cost Source: Enter Source for Cost to Show on Report. 

**This MUST be the same on your ID501 subscription as the SSRS Report is tied to your subscription details.**


Default found here in eAuto:


Actual Cost found via Inventory Availability in eAuto:


Standard found here in eAuto:


OutCostGroupDefault found here in eAuto:


Custom Property is name of Custom Property you populate on Equipment Record containing Sales Rep Commission Cost:


Status(s): Enter status(s) to consider (separate multiple entries by comma)

Status Code found here on Equipment Record:


Warehouse(s): Enter warehouse number(s), not name, to consider (separate multiple entries by comma)

Show Accessories: Indicate Yes/No to show linked accessories on report

Include Allocated: 

Report Name: Enter Report Name to print as header

Bin(s): Enter bin(s) to consider (separate multiple entries by comma)

Condition and/or Status: Select whether report should consider Condition and Status as AND/OR



*  *  *


Best Practices & Tips

Best Practices & Tips

-There are two required sub reports needed for this report, ID941 and ID963, please ensure that you are subscribed to these alerts, as you will get an error on the report if you are not subscribed to these two ID's.

 -If you need a non-serialized Inventory Report, use eAuto's Inventory Valuation (Current) Report available under Reports / Report Console / Inventory:



Custom Property

Creating Custom Property

Step 1:

Create name of Custom Property in Tools / Lists & Codes / Attributes to match what you have listed in VariableY:

Attribute Name: ZCJReptCost501

Description: Sales Reps cost for host and attached accessories

Data Type: Currency



Step 2:

Then add Attribute Name to your Equipment Configurations. 

Tools / Lists & Codes / Configurations (custom properties), select your Configuration named Equipment, then enter name of Attribute, hit Quick Add so now listed as selected attribute:


Now Custom Property Available on Equipment Record to populate with your Sales Rep Commission Cost:



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Related Alerts

Related Alerts

ID309 - Active In-Stock Equipment that does not have a Status OR Condition assigned


*  *  * 



OLD Overview Information:

***Please note that the information below ONLY pertains to versions prior to 20200128.***

ID501 is an automated alert, and we also install a "Custom Report" to run on demand from eAutomate.

When this is run as an alert, it automatically filters out any models that are checked as "Accessory" as the automated report was meant to provide a list of MainFrame machines for reps/etc to see the machines instock to sell. Clients who want to send out a list of Used Equipment available in their warehouses to their sales reps. 

The process assumes you sell your used equipment "configured" as a set price for the equipment as it sits (all accessories attached are included in the price to the rep). Typically, these used machines will have all the accessories "attached" in eautomate, and this report will show all Attachments.

VariableW - List of Warehouses to scan (separate multiple warehouses by comma, use the actual warehousenumber, not the description) **REQUIRED**

VariableX - List of Status Codes of equipment to include (separate list with commas),

VariableY - Option to associate a custom property on each serial# to represent a cost of that machine (including all of it's attached accessories) for the reps commission purposes. Or you can use Costs.           The Custom Property in VariableY "ZCJRepCost501" would represent the salesreps "chargeout" for the host and all the attached accessories. This value is not derived from the system, if you want to use it you must manually enter it for each Eqp ('marking the price' of the Eqp as-is).

OR if you want to use the Default Price as the rep cost, put 'Default' in VariableY.

OR if you want to show the rep your Actual Cost put 'Cost' in VariableY.

OR if you want to show the BaseOutCost using the items default out cost group enter 'BaseOutCost' in VariableY.

VariableZ - List Condition code(s) assigned to instock equipment to include **REQUIRED** (separate list with commas).




NOTE - If you select any BranchRoles to send to, and your warehouse(s) in variableW cross multiple branches then this alert will fire for each distinct branch for the selected warehouses and roles! So if your using branchRoles enabled on this alert then your warehouses selected should not cross branches as this alert is meant to be for specific warehouses/conditions and not meant to be a wide open report as an alert.


Custom Report Filters:



**Please also see alerts ID567, 568, 569 and 570 to build additional alerts to fire on different status, warehouse, bins, etc. **

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