Does Juice work in ECi's Hosted Cloud environment?

The majority of CEO Juice services/alerts will work in ECi's hosted environment.

However there are a few changes you should be aware of, details below:

1. If you are using our UPS Integration (ID530), you will need to work with your ECi (email to open a ticket) to: (1) provide them with the IP address of your Worldship Workstation so they can white list the address AND (2) ECi will need to give you an SQL Login and User ID. See this link for UPS overview. See this link for set up.

2. No option to automatically update you to the latest version of an alert.

3. We can't support installing ECIs analytics or maintaining the tables if they fail, ECI will need to manage that.

4. Many of the existing Crystal Reports are being moved to SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS), please, see this link on how to access your SSRS Reports as an ECi hosted client.

5. CEO Juice apps accessed differently, please see this link for how to set up access. 

5. We also suggest you check with your CRM supplier as most CRM to eAutomate integrations not supported. Though Compass Sherpa has a webservice workaround, so please contact them directly.

6. Clients on hosted also tell us they do not have the option to fax meter requests.

7. Our ID745/Service Call Email Engine (in building stages) is not available for ECi hosted clients. We will be working with ECi to plan for in future.

We also have very limited rights and can't fix things for you as they break but rely on ECIs support. 

See this post for how to set up Juice in ECi's hosted environment.


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