ID119 - Service Manager OnSite follow up of Technicians Performance Overview & Sample

We have clients who's policy is for the Service Manager or Technician Supervisors to randomly select customers who have had a recent service call completed and follow up onsite with the customer to assess the technician's overall performance / repair of the equipment.

This alert sends an email with a survey link within 30 minutes of the service call being created, and assigned to the Service Manager/Supervisor for calls with certain call type, MUST be specified in Var W. Only add a call type used specifically for this process, best practice is to set it to a NON CM call type category. Calls must be linked to the equipment IDs that are to be evaluated onsite.

Emails listed in the To/Cc of the subscription are the people who will receive the completed PDF response with data submitted by the service manager/supervisor. We have the potential to show these results in our tech activity report. 

Please click on PDF link below for a sample:

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