ID379 - Site Survey to Your Customer Overview & Sample:

ID379 is an email with a link to a site survey designed to go to the IT contact of the customer to collect the network information prior to install so you know what type of set up the customer is going to need. All information can be customized for your business practice.

Add the emails in the To/Cc of the subscription where the customer's answers should be sent to for review.

The email is triggered manually by you when a category on a contact record as updated (category name is set in Var X). Note the contact record must be linked to a customer record in the 'Customer' Tab, and also have an email in the 'Profile' Tab.

Within one hour of setting this category, an email will go out to that contact, which will include a link that will take them to the page of questions.

Default cover email below, can be customized as needed, verbiage changes / add signature/logo block:

Default questions are shown below, can be customized as needed:






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