ID773 - Worst Profitable Contract Customers Overview & Sample:

Our alert ID768 tells you about your worst performing contracts. It does also tell about the profitability at the customer level as you may be losing on one contract but making a lot on another. This alert looks at contract profit by CUSTOMER not contract. You can choose from any of the parameters available on the custom report to determine "worst offenders" or go with our selection of: Variable1 (10) worst, in place at least 6 months, ranked by largest dollar loss, excluding "Snoozed". We allow you to store a documented action plan to fix the contract and decide on a date to review if the fix has worked and until that date the contract will be "Snoozed". The Custom Property ZCJProfitAlertSnooze (VariableZ) must be set at the Customer Level (not contract level).

The important difference in this event and the other, is this one is Worst Customers under contract (ID773), whereas the others are all worst 'contracts' (ID768). This is contracts only so not looking at equipment sales etc.

**This alert can not report on Deposit Based Contracts as those types of contracts are not reported in analytics and this alert relies heavily on analytics**

Please also see THIS POST for more details and what to do next.


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