ID405 - Warranty Item Trends Overview & Sample

This report will show a list of parts that are failing before they should.  We show the most failures at the top and list the models. This will help identify items and/or models having extraordinary amounts of warranty alerts. For this report we used a term called shrinkage. It is defined by the loss of potential dollars of use because an item failed to fulfill its mfg yield amount. So, if a $100 drum was to go 100,000 copies and only ran 80,000 copies, the shrinkage amount was $-20.00. Then the report totals the shrinkage by item and stacks ranks from the greatest loss down from the top. 

NOTE:  ID405 is only an SSRS report, there's no email component, you just run it on demand from the SSRS console.

ID90 tells you as parts fail and should be returned for warranty, ID405 is a bigger picture look at what parts are your biggest problems.


**This report relies heavily on analytics. The report will not consider parts for the month your analytics broke in.**



1. Filter options - just enter any string, just no multiple entries. To see FULL list change 'Show All' to YES

2. Use Save to function to export to .csv or excel


3. All Qtrs column totals Qty, Shrinkage & Yield and is based on last 6 rolling quarters. Rolling Qtr01 = last completed 3-months (so if it is July now, Rolling Qtr01 is April, May & June)

4. Total of all 6 rolling quarters is a hyperlink taking you to transaction detail


What next? See HERE on what to do with the information (thank you Jon Balter!):


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