Survey Results problems

All PDFs received from Monday (7/18/16) 8.10AM PST until Thursday (7/21/16) 1.53PM PST may have incorrect data. 



6.30AM PST clients saying it is still happening.

7.00AM PST We're confident it is fixed now. Please email us immediately to if you think there are still problems.

3:00 PM PST 

We've had a related second problem. For questions other than Yes/No, so zero to ten etc., our old site would default to N/A if these questions were not answered. Unfortunately our new site defaulted to zero. So if Rate our technician overall on a zero to ten scale was not answered instead of defaulting to N/A it defaulted to zero. Again many apologies for this added confusion. This has also been corrected and is accurate in our Dashboard. It was corrected at 1.53PM Pacific today (7.21.16).

All PDFs received from Monday (7/18/16) 8.10AM PST until Thursday (7/21/16) 1.53PM PST may have incorrect data (zero rating for answer when it should be N/A). 

The dashboard information is accurate for all responses. We expect the data we push back to your server for eViews etc. to all be accurate by tomorrow AM. If you would like us to re run all the PDFs for this inaccurate 3.5 day period please email



Notice Wednesday 7/20/16:

We upgraded to a new survey engine the weekend of July 16th and despite rigorous testing we had a problem with the Yes / No answers displaying correctly.

From Monday (7/18/16) at 8.10AM PST until Wednesday (7/20/16) 12.20PM PST, survey questions with a "Yes / No" answer option were reversed. If your customer submitted a "yes" the PDF response showed it as a "no" and vice versa. We were notified of this issue on Wednesday at 11.30AM and have since corrected it. 

All of the survey responses you received via email with this date range will have the Yes / No answers reversed. The survey dashboard at will have the correct answers now and the survey results that we push back to your eAutomate database should also now have the correct answer. The PDF that you received in the email notification will NOT be correct.

Please review the Survey Dashboard for this date range to clarify that you have the correct answers. You have the option to export the results to excel from the dashboard.

We apologize for all the confusion and problems this has created.


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