Security levels for logging in to the CEO Juice alerts site

Security Roles:

Ensure Login Enabled is set to Yes


Security Roles:

Customer Admin -

View account details

Create/edit login users

Export list of subscribed alerts

Bulk update feature (replaces old email with new email on all alerts) 

Access survey dashboard

Create/edit survey questions

Subscribe/edit/unsubscribe alerts


Customer Standard User -

Subscribe/edit/unsubscribe alerts

Access survey dashboard


Customer Subscription Manager

Subscribe/edit/unsubscribe alerts


Customer Survey Manager -

Create/edit survey questions (click HERE to see how to manage questions)


Customer Read Only

View only, list of subscribed alerts and who is receiving them only


Customer Dashboard Only -

Access survey dashboard

*Note: to see the CEOJuice library list of alerts/purposes or search our help forum site you DO NOT need login access

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