ID50 - Contracts Expiring by Custom Property Assigned (in Development)

Best practice is to set up your service contracts as “evergreen” where they auto renew each year and you can build in auto increases and get notified by ID560 (Low profit contract up for renewal/escalation) on the exceptions that need action. However some customers still need to get notified that their contract needs to be renewed or there may be another reason to touch the contract. This alert will notify you as that annual expiration is coming up.

If you don't set an expiration date on a contract in order to facilitate auto renewal, but still need to touch the contract or notify your customer of the upcoming renewal, this alert will help you keep track of these contracts. Assign the expiration date on the Custom Property of ZCJContExp on the Contract Record and use VariableX to set number of days before expiration to notify you.


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