ID20 Contract Overage Rate Check, Overview & Sample

Ever had an issue when someone accidentally set up a contract with too many zeroes on an overage rate i.e.,  .0004 instead of .04?

Data entry errors on contract meter overage rates can result in thousands of dollars of under or over billing if not caught before the error causes compounded problems.

The alert looks at the specified overage rates you set in the variables, b&w or color rates equal to or below (Variable W & X) AND b&w or color rates equal to or above (Variable Y & Z)

Optional: Alert can limit to specific b&w or color meter types set in Variables 1 and 2, leave blank for all. Or limit to certain models set in Variable 3, leave blank for all.


This alert will notify you once and then assume that if you do not correct it that you want it that way, then ignore the next time it runs. If there has been a new change to the contract, and it still falls within the variables, it will notify again. 

Note this alert looks back 7 days for any changes to a contract that qualifies it to trigger based on the variables you set. We can send you a one-time full list of all contracts, email asking for "full list of ID20 overage rates on contracts". If Sales Rep/Rep Manager is selected, alert will email to the rep assigned to the contract in e-automate (manager on sales rep employee record).  

Note: Since the rates are tied to the contract the alert will email to the sales rep contact listed on the contract.....if there isn't one, it does not look anywhere else for a rep, if there is a rep, then reps manager will receive as well....also emails to the static To: Addresses.

Sample of alert:


Overage rates are set up in the contract in E-automate on the Contract Meters Group Tab, see screenshot below. If you set up auto increases on a contract, the alert will consider those rates and highlights them as "escalated" on the report.




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