ID20 - Contract Overage Rate Check Overview & Sample:

Review Contract Overage Rates to ensure they are within thresholds you set

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Did we tell you the story about the customer with an extra zero in their overage rate? 12 months later when it was caught it was a $38,000 problem! Keypunch errors in meter billing overage rates can result in thousands of dollars of under/over billing if not caught before the error causes compounded problems.

This alert reviews the overage rates set on contracts in last 7-days to monitor potential key-stroke entry errors.

Run Schedule: Weekday Afternoons

Type of Output: Email / Task App


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Shows at top of email your variable settings:



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Variable W: Enter BW Meter Rate to consider for Less Than or Equal To (REQUIRED)

Variable X: Enter Color Meter Rate to consider for Less Than or Equal To (REQUIRED)

Variable Y: Enter BW Meter Rate to consider for Greater Than or Equal To (REQUIRED)

Variable Z: Enter Color Meter Rate to consider for Greater Than or Equal To (REQUIRED)


Variable 1: BW Meter Types to INCLUDE (separate with comma or leave blank for ALL)

Variable 2: Color Meter Types to INCLUDE (separate with comma or leave blank for ALL)

Meter Types found in Tools / Lists & Codes / Meter Types:


Variable 3: Model Categories to INCLUDE (separate with comma or leave blank for ALL) - use to only consider specified Model Categories

Model Categories found in Tools / Lists & Codes / Model Categories:


Variable 5: Branch Numbers to trigger on, separated by comma, or blank for ALL


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Alert Functionality

Alert Functionality

-Alert looks back 7 days for any changes to a contract that qualifies it to trigger based on the variables you set.

-Alert looks 45-days ahead for automatic scheduled rate increased to notify you of in case advance changes are needed.

-Alert only considers Active Contract Records.

-Alert will notify you once and then assume that if you do not correct it, you want it that way so it will ignore it the next time it runs.

-Alert considers overage rates are set up on Contract Record / Meters Group tab. 


-If you set up auto increases on a contract, the alert will consider those rates and highlights them as "escalated" on the report and indicate which escalation (1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.)




Rate Details Column Explained:

Rete Details Column Explained:

Column shows Meter Group Name, Overage Type Set on Contract Record, Current/Scheduled Rate

CURRENT example (no base rate schedule in use):


"black" = Meter Group Name

"Current MeterBase" = Current Rate set at Meter Base Level on Contract Record

"-0-" = rate not reflecting any scheduled increase yet, so either no escalation built OR contract not hit cycle for overage rate schedule yet

"24.00" - current rate billing 


This contract new (started 2/2020), so first overage rate schedule not yet being used


ESCALATED example (base rate schedule in use):


"B\W" = Meter Group Name

"Escalated Overage" = Current Scheduled Rate set at Overage Meter Group Level on Contract Record 

"-2-" = rate reflected is on 2nd cycle of overage rate schedule

"0.014500" - overage rate with 2nd cycle of overage rate schedule considered/in effect


*note contract Start Date is 4/15/2018, Contract rate schedule set to Show past rate schedules*

contract rate reflects 2nd cycle of Overage rate schedule


-Email us at for a FULL List of all qualifying contracts

-If subscription set to send to Sales, alert determines Sales Rep assignment from your CRM (per our alert ID320), if none there, then uses Sales Rep assigned to Customer Record, if none there, then will uses Sale Rep assigned to Contract Record

-If any of Variables W-Z are left blank, our alert logic defaults to using these rates for thresholds to consider:



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Best Practices & Tips

Best Practices & Tips

-Be sure any terminated contracts are also set as inactive; otherwise this alert will report on them. See this link on Best Practices for setting termination codes on contracts.

-This alert can be cloned, allowing for multiple instance of this alert - just requires at least one different variable setting. Allow for different rate tolerances based on Meter Types, or Model Categories or Contract Types, just click on + below your existing subscription:




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