ID20 Overage Rate Check - Overview & Sample

Ever had an issue when someone accidentally set up a contract with 

too many zero's on an overage rate i.e.  .0004 instead of .04?

Keypunch errors on contract meter overage rates can result in thousands of dollars of under/over billing if not caught before the error causes compounded problems. You specify in the variables what amount BW and Color meter rates should never be equal to or below on a contract (Variable W & X). Also set the BW and Color rates that should never be equal to or above on a contract (Variable Y & Z).

Current default Variable:

This alert will not send an alert more than once for the same contract unless a change has been made and it stills falls within the variables. If you would like a one time run of a full report, email to request the report. 


Note this alert only looks back 7 days for any changes to a contract that qualifies it to trigger based on the variables you set

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