HubSpot Lists - ID411, ID436, ID437, ID438, ID439, ID452, ID588


Sales AND Marketing are needed!

Don't know what Inbound Marketing is? Click here.

CEO Juice have a number of processes that will push data from eAutomate into HubSpot to help with automating marketing. Please see these links for an overview of each:

ID411 - First step to set up the integration with CEO Juice

ID436/Push Models to List in HubSpot

ID437/Push Promoters to HubSpot

ID438/Push Key Services to HubSpot

ID439/Manage HubSpot Contacts

ID452/HubSpot contacts added

ID588/Push all eAuto contacts to HubSpot (in Development)


Copier dealers have typically focused on sales and left the marketing piece to the Manufacturer. Which worked fine until people started to go online to research to the point where now 60% of the sale happens online before the sales person gets involved. Software like HubSpot makes it easy to track this online research and marketing can now be very tailored to the specific person opening the web page.

Researchers will typically pick the Manufacturer’s site over the dealer’s site for product information.

If you continue to leave marketing to the Manufacturer you run the risk that your prospect’s information will end up in your Manufacturer’s database and perhaps with the manufacturer owned competitor in your market.

If you don't understand the big picture we suggest you start with the video below. If you want to see all HubSpot related processes pick that TAG If you are interested in a "NetFlix binge watch" style video playlist for your company talk to us. Click here to see how CEO Juice uses video to sell. if you want more info on HubSpot or watch this video.


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