ID150 Contract Profitability Crystal Custom Report Overview

This is an overview on how to use the Custom Report version of ID150, see here if you don't have the custom report. Recorded Webinar Link. To use Analytic eViews to review contract profit see here.

**Please use THIS LINK if you're running the SSRS Report version.

This is the new ID150 Custom Report. It is a customer profitability report not just contract.  It sums up all of a customers contracts(using your applicable report filters) to give you a more complete service picture. We found that a straight up contract profitability report could lead to some inaccurate conclusions when you factor in renewals, terminations, multiple contracts for different services across one account..etc. **Please note ID150 Custom Report does not pick up info from already terminated contracts. It is only able to pull profitability info on active contracts. 

We'll use analytics de-normalized  mode, (distributed details) which basically allocates the contract revenue (base & overage + any additional revenue) into the months covered on the contract invoices (typically next month on base...last month for overage) so that trending at the period (YYYYMM) can be accurate based upon when the revenue is earned vs. when it's billed. 

Go to your reports folder in EA then Custom Reports, look for a report called CEOJuice Contract Analytics Customer Profitability.


When you run the report there are lots of options to choose from;




ID150 uses data from Analytics so you will see terms like RM for Rolling Month or RQ for Rolling Quarter, see here for understanding these terms.

  1. Rolling Months: From the most recent rolling month you want to report (RM01 is the last full month), back to previous rolling month. If you wanted to see the last 6 months you would pick from RM01 To RM06.
  2. Select Contract let you choose which contracts, we suggest you start by just running for one contract.
  3. Show equipment detail, unless really needed we suggest you do not show as it makes the report a LOT longer.
  4. Include Only Customers with Current Active Contract: You have the option to only include customers who have a current active contract as of today.
  5. Contracts only active for X months allows you to exclude new contracts where the cost of initial supplies etc. may skew results.These 2 options (4 & 5) are used mainly to "rank" the worst performing customers.
  6. Include only contracts where the average monthly revenue is >$X is meant to allow you to easily exclude low revenue contracts. Please note that if the contract has a negative margin for the period then this revenue >X is ignored.
  7. The Show only if Customer Margin for selected contracts is less then X%. Put 100 here to show all contracts regardless of margin.
  8. Custom Property Name. Custom Property name of the attribute created (by Juice) to track the snooze date.  *Custom Report may fail if this is not set to a valid custom property (we setup the Contract custom property named ZCJProfitAlertSnooze by default).
  9. Include Snoozed Contracts - See Snoozing Contracts link below
  10. Show only bottom worst customers - See Snoozing Contracts link below
  11. NoteType - See Snoozing Contracts link below.   *Custom Report may fail if this is not set to a valid Note Type (we setup the a note type named ReviewAction by default).
  12. Minimum # of Active Machines on any contract is a parameter used when looking at your bottom worst customers, specify to show only accounts where they have more than X machines on any active contract.


Here is a screen shot of recommeded filters for the Custom Report. The filters chosen here to do specify any contracts:

(right click on image to enlarge)


See this link for details on understanding the information displayed in the report.

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