ID942 - Sales Order to Leasing Company Marked as Taxable Overview

eAutomate version 16.1 brought some changes regarding the taxcode the system wants to use on sales orders.  In previous versions, the taxcode on a sales order defaulted to the 'BillTo' customers taxcode. However, in discussion with leading tax reporting companies, ECi was convinced that the 'ShipTo' location he appropriate default taxcode.  That's great, except when we are billing a leasing company, in which case we do not charge tax.  So if users are not aware of this change in v16.1, they will assume the sales order is still defaulting to the billto and then see that the sales order is now charging tax.  So until users can update their habits and remember to click the 'QuickTax' button on the sales order to select the appropriate taxcode to apply, we thought it best to create this alert to spot potential errors before they get to invoicing.  

VariableW is where you indicate the customer 'Type' you use to indicate the account is a leasing company.  

The alert will identify open sales orders for the leasing company customers where the taxcode/taxable flag on the order does not match the billto customer's taxcode.  It will alert you on these open orders until the sales order taxable is set to off.


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