ID258 - QBR - Equipment Lease Details Tab

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The lease detail is designed to get the Rep all the information they need to work the numbers and see when is the best time to upgrade a lease. It requires that you store the lease information in eAutomate. Consider ID64 to ensure that information is accurate.


**Please note: The BaseAndOverage click values are taken from the analytics tables, which means they're based on the contract billings. The short definition of BaseAndOverage is 'The larger of actual clicks run or clicks covered for the period.' So if a given machine is billed for overage (run more clicks than covered) the actual clicks-billed value is used, but if a machine failed to meet it's covered clicks the total covered (paid for) clicks is used instead. It's essentially 'clicks sold.' Then all this is summed up per contract invoice and then for the reporting period.

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