Old Crystal Version - ID258 Customer Contract Review Report Overview & Sample

This is a report for reps to use to do account reviews with their customers. It will show the BW/Color/Total click volume by location of equipment at the time of billing. It will also include # of service calls, and response time, and optionally when you run the report you can include uptime as a percentt of total time elapsed in report vs. the total time to resolve the call (from open datetime until last rescheduled call (if rescheduled) is completed).

This is an overview on how to use the Custom Report for ID258, see here if you don't have the custom report. (Also consider ID674 - Customer Service History and ID426 - Send breakdown of contract invoice.).

Many dealers want to suppress numbers when they don't look as good as they should or for various other reasons so we give you lots of options for hiding data. Response times are calculated for Corrective Maintenance Call Types only.



Uptime is the percentage of business hours the machine was not down for (please see these links for discussions on use of uptime: LinkedIn and EUG).  'Down' is calculated from call placement time to call completion time.  Only Corrective Maintenance calls are used to calculate uptime percentage.

Also, please note:

The billed clicks chart will rarely match what the invoice list shows. The billed clicks chart is allocating the clicks to each month they were covered in. So if the the contract coverage goes from mid month to mid month, for example, some of the overages on the invoices are allocated to the month before and some to the month they are billed in. We use analytics data for the chart which then normalizes all clicks and revenue and allocates it to the month it was actually covered in.


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