HubSpot Pricing

This is a CEO Juice interpretation, click here for the official HubSpot pricing page for it's marketing tools.

The HubSpot CRM is FREE.

The minimum marketing package that CEO Juice will work with costs $800 per month.

HubSpot do you not charge for users, you can have as many as you want, they charge for contacts. Each additional 1,000 contacts is $50 per month. So expect to pay more like $1,500+ per month.

Before you go "wow, that's a lot!", what would a telemarketing team, or just one person, cost you?

Our little $2.5m CEO Juice company pays $1,300 per month and feel we get excellent value.

HubSpot also has an Enterprise plan with a higher initial cost but $10 per 1k contacts.

The Pro plan for $800 includes 1k contacts + $50 per additional 1k, the Enterprise plan for $2,400 includes 10k contacts and $10 per additional 1k. Break even is 40k contacts although expect your contact count to grow significantly as that's what Inbound Marketing does. 

Contact Jesse Moran ( for details.

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