Resetting Meters (work around for invalidating meters)

Ever have a scenario where you needed to correct a meter but there are multiple previous meters that are wrong also? This would require you to invalidate all the previous meters that are lower than the current meter you want to input. This can be a tedious task if there are many meters to invalidate. A work around for this is to reset the meter as opposed to invalidating all the previous meters. Most of the time a meter reset is used when a part is replaced on the equipment that actually resets the meter (i.e. main board, formatter, etc.) But a meter reset can also be used to get around invalidating a bunch of meters.

Go to the meter reading console and select the most recent meter for that equipment. Right click on that meter and select Edit Meter Reading.

The meter entry window for that meter will appear. Click the Edit button.

The meter edit window will then open. Put a check mark in the box that says 'Reset display after this reading to this:' and input the new meter reading. You can also put notes on the meter reading to detail why it was reset. If you do not want the new reading to be used for billing purposes then uncheck the 'Use this reading for billing purposes' box.

Click OK and you're all done. The reset meter reading will now be the new most recent reading for that equipment and you will not have to invalidate the previous readings.

If the last valid meter for example was 642,041 then you would set the 0 above in Reset display after this reading to that 624,041 number.

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