ID557 - Summary of Survey Results (Crystal Custom Report Version)

This alert provides a summary of the previous month's survey results. We will show you how the question "Rate our technician overall" was answered, broken out by Technician so you can see who is getting close to 10 out of 10 and perhaps who is not doing quite as well. See who is good at "fixing the customer" as well as the copier. We will also show you "Rate our dispatch overall" to also stack rank your dispatchers.

We show you your Net Promoter Score information, who your "Detractors" are and who loves you.

Assumes you are using our alert ID109 - Closed call survey.

See attached for a sample of the 1st page


Older Info: You will need to find the QuestionID# from the survey you built on our site for VariableW (dispatcher rating), VariableX (Technician Overall), and VariableY (NPS Ultimate Question) so that the report can map the appropriate question scores from your survey. VariableZ is where you indicate the actual SurveyID# you are using for closed calls (that is listed in the ceojuice website where you administer the survey questions) *REQUIRES HIGHER THAN SQL2000 *20130228.0000 and higher does not require Variables Question #s be set up, only that question categories must be assigned NOTE: This alert assumes your dispatchers have UserIDs associated to their EmployeeRecord, else it won't work.


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