Copier Manufacturer: Partner or Competitor

Marketing is key to success for the copier dealer today: Don’t leave Marketing to the Manufacturer

The fight is on to gain mindshare of the customer. You want him reading your blog, visiting your website, watching your video, responding to your email. The Manufacturer wants the exact same thing and he is bigger than you. Here is how to fight that battle:

Time is of the Essence

Sales are moving online, now 57% of the sale happens online before a salesperson gets involved, prospects go to Google and not the yellow pages. “Inbound Marketing” is the new frontier. Most dealers are looking to expand their offerings to managed print and managed IT, they face new and different types of competition and often a customer base who still views them as a copier supplier. Don't know what InBound is? Click here.

Key Steps

One area often overlooked by Dealers in this journey is Marketing. Dealers have typically focused on Sales and left Marketing to the manufacturer. What will your prospects find when they go online to search for new equipment? Will they end up at your site or at the manufacturer? Wondering which of your competitors or competing manufacturers are already using inbound? Click here for how to check.

 In today’s competitive market it’s more critical than ever to stand out and differentiate your company. This applies to your online message, your sales brochures and what your reps are saying. Do you have a unique "Why partner with us" message or 30 Second commercial.  Test it here.

What can CEO Juice do?

It's not all doom and gloom, both Gartner and IDC are forecasting IT Budgets will grow in North America in 2017.  Lets look at how you can take your share of this growth.

We stated that marketing is key. Inbound Marketing is the way forward for Copier Dealers who want to capitalize on this changing market (companies are 3x as likely to see higher ROI on inbound marketing campaigns than on outbound – source State of inbound marketing 2015). You can be assured the manufacturers have Inbound marketing Plans in place. They are likely to have bigger budgets and larger marketing teams in place. But as with David and Goliath the big guy is slower to respond. We believe the most effective inbound marketing tool for you the dealer is HubSpot, and we use it extensively ourselves. CEO Juice can:

  • Help you implement and get the most out of HubSpot.
  • Analyze your CRM data to understand where the reps need training.
  • Automate your processes based on who has visited your web, opened emails, watched videos….
  • Train your sales team to ditch the sales pitch, ask insightful questions and thrive in this market.
  • Help you reshape your Marketing message (to truly differentiate your company).


There are other areas to consider and discuss also, such as content. Inbound Marketing can do a great job of bringing prospects to you, but you need to have something interesting to say when they arrive. We can give you some pointers here, and where necessary introduce you to some companies who specialize in content.

If you would like to discuss winning this battle further start by getting us some information, click here.

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