Manufacturer's using Inbound

If you are wondering whether your competitor or the local manufacturer's branch is using Inbound Marketing to track and store everyone who visits them online, here are some tips.

There is a cool Chrome plugin called Ghostery

Ghostery tells you what tracking software a site is using. If for example I go to Sharp's website

I can see they have a total of 9 trackers including Marketo. There are three main players in the inbound space, Pardot (bought by SalesForce), Marketo and HubSpot, we think HubSpot is the best.

Konica Minolta also has Marketo

HP is doing things the old fashioned way with lots of individual tools.

These tools can store your details with cookies and know everything about your online visits. Order a printer supply one time then when you come back to look for MFPs they have all the details from your previous visits.


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