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This process integrates with the EKM API and is required for any other CEO Juice process which will leverage EKM data. See Related Processes tab on your subscription for integrations available or Related Alerts at bottom of this article.




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Connection / API


We need your API Details entered by you on our website and set up as shown below. The user entering on our website will need 'Customer Admin' security role - ask us at if you need to know who has.

Please enter credentials on our website ( via Profile / Integrations:


Select EKM:


Please be sure to select SAVE:


Th API Key and Secret are found here in EKM:


Per EKM:

In order to create the API login, resellers will generally have to get in touch with the US helpdesk (, as access to this function is limited to portal admin roles. However, the larger resellers, with dedicated portals, will have access to do it themselves. Please see API user guide attached at bottom of this post.



The URL’s are all in the form https://<your-portal-address>/PortalAPI/ , so users have to take the URL they use to access the Portal UI and replace /PortalWeb with /PortalAPI. We do have lots of US portals, so it depends which one they are on e.g.:


They are generally all but we also have a few that use their own domain name, so Clover is at:


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