DCA API Integrations:

Updated: 3/01/2024

1. Currently we have integrations with multiple DCA's for pushing meters into e-Auto (ID968), our Supply Entry App (ID350), Sales Order Import Utility (ID634), and Power BI Reports (ID147/Non Managed Devices and ID774/Customer Business Review).

For any DCA you wish us to set our integration with, you will need to subscribe to the corresponding DCA ID# to provide us your API creds AND the Process ID# from list below:

ID147 - Power BI Non Managed Devices

-available for ALL current DCA's except Supplies Network

ID350 - Supply Entry App

-available for ALL current DCA's except Supplies Network.

ID634 - Sales Order Import Utility 

-available for Supplies Network ONLY. 

-FMAudit, KPAX, MICAS, Printanista are BETA

-EKM, MPSM, HPSDS have their own API for pushing orders into e-Auto, so we don't offer

ID774 - Customer Business Review

-available for ALL current DCA's except Supplies Network

-KFS and Sharp MICAS do not push orders to e-Auto. We can decide to create an order based on days or fill remaining.

-EKM, HPSDS, and MPSM already push orders into e-Auto

ID968 - Insert Meter Readings from External Sources

-available for ALL current DCA's except Supplies Network


2. You can find our DCAs processes by searching with Tag = DCAs



Our integrations require you provide us API credentials on our website and each DCA process ID# has its own instructions (as required by DCA) found here:

ID29 - FM Audit

ID30 - Supplies Network - limited to ID634/Sales Import Utility/ ONLY (due to contract limitations with ECi)

ID32 - Sharp MICAS


ID126 - B2B Toolbox (BETA)

ID192 - Printanista

ID240 - Kyocera Fleet Services

ID311 - HPSDS and/or MPSM

ID448 - EKM


3. Currently we DO NOT have integrations for:

PrintAudit and PrintFleet as there hasn't been enough interest and ECi has them at their end of life.

ImageWare (Canon), @Remote and (Ricoh), Vcare (Konica) as we haven't had luck getting API credentials from them or they have a contract with ECi.



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