A guide to Microsoft Power BI pricing

CEO Juice started with Crystal reports, moved to Microsoft browser based SSRS reports then standardized on MS Power BI (PBI) reports a few years ago. We highly recommend our clients get Power BI.

Our pricing includes everything we offer; however, you will have additional costs from Microsoft for PBI. There is a free version of PBI but you effectively can't share reports or keep your data safe. If you subscribe to MAPS (Action Pack) you should get 5 free PBI licenses.

You will probably need one $10 license per user. This allows for 8 refreshes of your data per day, which so far has been enough for our clients.

You will need at least one license for the Office365 user designated to administer Power BI for your company. To keep your data safe within your domain, every consumer will need at least a Power BI Pro license (our most used license type). 

Any Sales Rep wanting to run the Quarterly Business Review (ID774) will need a Power BI Pro license, which can be costly, so perhaps just give your Sales Manager(s) and Sales Administrator(s) access.


This site is a good resource

This is the official Microsoft link for PBI licensing -


Power BI Free:

We DO NOT recommend this license type.

  • Features: The free version of Power BI provides access to basic data visualization and reporting capabilities. Users can create interactive reports, dashboards, and data visualizations using a wide range of data sources.
  • Limitations: There are limitations on data capacity, data refresh frequency, and collaboration features. For example, dataset sizes are restricted to 1 GB, and data refreshes are limited to once per day. The biggest limitation is the only way for a user with free license to see reports or dashboards is via a public URL. This means you will need to generate a URL that is accessible to anyone (including those outside your domain).
  • Pricing: Power BI Free is available at no cost.

Power BI Pro (60-day free trial available)

Most recommended license type.

  • Features: Power BI Pro includes all the features of the free version, plus additional capabilities such as more frequent data refreshes (up to 8 per day), collaboration with other Pro users, and access to premium data connectors. Users access only within your Power BI service within your domain.
  • Limitations: While Power BI Pro offers greater functionality than the free version, there are still some limitations, such as a maximum dataset size of 10 GB.
  • Pricing: Power BI Pro is priced at $9.99 per user per month, with discounts available for annual commitments.

Power BI Premium Per User (PPU):

  • Features: Power BI Premium Per User provides dedicated capacity for individual users, offering the benefits of Power BI Premium on a per-user basis. Users get increased data capacity, faster performance, support for larger datasets, and can refresh reports up to 48-times per day (FYI not all of our reports will benefit from more than one refresh per day).
  • Limitations: While PPU offers many of the benefits of Power BI Premium, it does not include some advanced features such as AI capabilities and paginated reports.
  • Pricing: Power BI Premium Per User is priced at $20 per user per month.

Power BI Premium:

  • Features: Power BI Premium is a capacity-based licensing option designed for organizations with larger user bases and more extensive data requirements. It provides dedicated capacity resources, consistent performance, cost-effective management through resource pooling, and can refresh reports up to 48-times per day (FYI not all of our reports will benefit from more than one refresh per day).
  • Pricing: Power BI Premium pricing is based on capacity and starts at $4,995 per month for the P1 capacity node. Prices increase with higher capacity nodes such as P2, P3, and P4.

Power BI Embedded:

  • Features: Power BI Embedded is designed for developers who want to embed Power BI reports, dashboards, and visualizations into custom applications or websites. It provides APIs and SDKs for seamless integration.
  • Limitations: Pricing is based on resource consumption, so costs can vary depending on usage patterns and deployment requirements.
  • Pricing: Power BI Embedded pricing is based on resource usage, including data refreshes, queries, and rendering. Pricing starts at $1 per hour for the A capacity node and increases with higher capacity nodes such as A2, A3, and A4.

These pricing figures are approximate and subject to change, so it's a good idea to check the official Microsoft website for the most up-to-date pricing information.


Certain Office 365 subscriptions include free Power BI Pro licenses as part of their offering. These subscriptions typically target businesses and enterprises that require a comprehensive suite of productivity tools, including Power BI for advanced data analytics and reporting.

One such subscription that includes free Power BI Pro licenses is:

  1. Microsoft 365 E5: This subscription tier of Microsoft 365 includes Power BI Pro licenses for each user, along with other advanced features such as Microsoft Teams, Exchange, SharePoint, and advanced security and compliance capabilities.

It's essential to note that Microsoft may update its offerings and subscription plans over time, so we recommend consulting the official Microsoft website or contacting Microsoft sales representatives to confirm the current offerings and which subscription plans include free Power BI Pro licenses.




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