ID204 Tech Productivity Report Updates/Changes

Please see below for an explanation of changes made to the ID204 SSRS Tech Productivity Report:

Auto updates released 2.04.19:

Revision Number is 20190208 seen on your alert subscription for ID204:


Now includes filter by make:

When using this filter, please make sure to UNCHECK ALL; otherwise you will see error like:

An error has occurred during report processing. (rsProcessingAborted)
Query execution failed for dataset 'MainData'. (rsErrorExecutingCommand)
Violation of PRIMARY KEY constraint 'PK__#EquipFi__344A31F1EFA7D12A'. Cannot insert duplicate key in object 'dbo.#EquipFilter'. The duplicate key value is (678). inside else The 'rpt_ZCJ_SCServiceActivity' procedure attempted to return a status of NULL, which is not allowed. A status of 0 will be returned instead.


This filter by make will carry through to drill down details taking you to sub-reports

ID206/Tech Productivity Callback Report

ID207/Tech Productivity Copy Details Report 

ID372/Tech Productivity Incompletes Report


Auto Updates Released 01.24.19:

Revision Number is 20190124 seen on your alert subscription for ID204:


Corrected NetCalls calculation: if the client was using one of the NetCalls formulas that starts 'AllCalls' then they were seeing OtherCalls counted twice instead of seeing OtherCalls + ShopCalls


Auto updates released 1.11.19:

Revision Number is 20181130 seen on your alert subscription for ID204:



(1) Call Category Filter Option now Includes Shop Calls:



(2) Some clients seeing negative values in total work & travel time and details in ID205/Tech Time Log, corrected to ensure VariableY setting always considered correctly:




(3) Net Calls at Report Level corrected to be totaling correctly (now considering all Team Levels) 


(4) Incomplete Calls % at Report Level corrected to be totaling correctly (now considering all Team Levels) 



(5) Rescheduled calls that are subsequently cancelled no longer part of rescheduled count:


**Remember you can set VariableZ on your alert subscription to default Net Calls calculation for report calculations emailed each Monday AM (default subscription set to Alls - IC -CB (All Calls - Incompletes - CallBacks):



Revision Number is 20181107 seen on your alert subscription for ID204:


Non-ECi analytics function changes on back end, no data changes to report




Revision Number is 20180205 seen on your alert subscription for ID204:


1. Manager Total & Overall Total of % of Incompletes totaling correctly

*Please note the % total formula is Total Incompletes/Reschedules (35 in sample below) divided by Total Gross Call for All Techs Reporting. (It is not an average.)



2. Duplicate labor entries on one service call causing summary problems on certain fields:

  • Parts Costs were not totaling correctly, but now cost only returning once (as opposed to duplicating from duplicate labor entries on service calls): 


  • Section in screen shot below shows example of Total Calls not totaling breakdown by CallType Category (example: Total Calls=74, but total of All CM Calls & Other Calls=79).


The Total Calls column is reporting based on quantity of service calls, whereas the breakdown at CallType Category level is reporting on labor entries on the service call. We haven't quite determined the final fix on this as valid Business Process for multiple labor entries on service call is new. Need validate by CEO Juice client per Business Process as follows:

Techs use multiple labor lines on one call for 1 of 3 reasons: 

  1. Tech is working on a device in the shop and will not have time to work on it from beginning to end in one shot. 
  2. Tech is working on a call for a third-party service partner and we are not in control of how the call is run. We don’t want our techs to get hit with a callback because the third-party service provider does not want to pay us to use our part. 
  3. Tech calls the customer in advance of driving out to the call so they can figure out what parts they need in advance. This allows the techs to fix the call the first time they are onsite. We have the techs time into the call when they are doing this phone triage, even if it is only for a 10-minute phone call. 



Auto updates released 1.22.18:

Revision Number is 20180118 seen on your alert subscription for ID204:


Net Calls Formula:

1. Default on ID204 VariableZ subscription is using formula of (AllCalls - (Incompletes - Call Backs)). This is the formula used for call calculations on the Tech Productivity Report prior to January 1, 2018.


2. Added the selection option to the Net Calls Formula of (AllCalls – (Incompletes + Reschedules + Callbacks))



1. Incompletes and Reschedule % corrected so based on TotalCalls (was incorrectly based on NetCalls)

*Remember incomplete call is the 1st call that could not be fixed, subsequent call(s) considered reschedules (this is per eAuto standards which our reported adopted as of Jan 1, 2018.)



Travel Time

1. Travel Time was considering as 0 if there were no miles on the call, now corrected and considering travel time.


CM Response Time

1. CM Response Time was not totaling correctly at Tech Mgr Level nor at Overall Level (was totaling correct per tech/at tech level), now corrected at all levels.



Branch Setting

Now Available via VariableW

The automation has the option to send branch-level rollups instead of the company-wide rollup. Set this variable to 'ALL' and it will generate a report for each branch with call activity for the period. You can specify only certain branches to get reports by listing their branchnumbers, separated by comma. The default, 'Consolidated', delivers the company-wide report.

Anyone listed on to:/cc:/bcc: will receive all branch-level rollups.


 SSRS Report Filter Settings:


1. Branch filter option when running SSRS Report manually. Please note this may effect what manager's show in drop down selection, depending on manager's branch in assignment in eAuto Employee Record

2. Net Call Formula - the formula populating when running SSRS Report manually will match your Net Calls formula listed on your subscription to ID204 Variable



Opening SubReports

1. Now when drilling down to details, subreport (e.g. ID206 ID206 ID207 ID372) will open as a new tab in your browser.


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