ID204 - Troubleshooting & FAQ:

Q: The email task isn't including two techs even though they are assigned to Tech Mgr and have ZCJFieldTech set to yes. They are showing in drop down when I run SSRS manually for the tech manager.

A: Techs that have not closed a non-cancelled call for the report period on email generated will not be listed on the report.


Q: When I access the drill down within the report taking me to a sub-report (i.e. ID205/Tech Time Log or ID206/Call Backs), it wipes out my ID204 Tech Productivity Report and using the back button makes me have to rerun it.

A: You will need to go to “compatibility view settings” in Internet Explorer, Internet Options, and add your SSRS Reports URL to the compatibility view sites as below:



Q:  Can ID204 only email out one report or is it always going to send a report for tech manager AND company full report/or branch report (per VariableW)?

A: As currently designed it's one report per manager and one report per branch (or one or company if no branches). We expect to add some options around sending soon but wanted to wait for feedback to see what the client base wants. We could, for instance, take TO/CC of copy to the manager report, allowing you to 'turn it off' by unchecking the manager box. We could also allow you to enter a dummy value for branch to turn off that side of it. Trouble is, every time we make one client happy three others want something different, so we're hoping we'd see a trend or consensus about how it needs to work. Let us know at!



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