ID667 - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Can the Lease App import our lease info if it doesn't already exist in eAuto?

YES! Once you have created the batch for your lease company, go to Leases and use (1) Add Lease:


You can then search for the Customer Record to create Service Lease in eAutor, then select Save Lease to EA:

You will need to manually enter

1. Customer Record

2. Lease Code

3. Interest Percent (if needed, but be sure to enter 0 if not needed, don't leave it blank)

Other required fields should already be populated from your lease company provided data in your batch.

Be sure to select Save Lease to EA


After you have saved the lease to eAuto, the asset/equipment per the Leasing Company portfolio you imported (batch) will populate, select applicable Equipment Records for asset level details to be saved to your eAuto Lease Record. This is searching for serial number to match.

If the Equipment Record is not populating, then you will need to create the Equipment Record in eAuto first.


As a reminder the minimum requirements to create a Service Lease are shown below with red *.


2. What if I want to delete mapping done already?

You can delete and revert back to the previous values on eAuto Service Lease Record:



If you want to delete a new Service Lease Record created via app using 'Lease Edit':


This then takes you to the details of that lease record and you can then select ‘Delete Lease From EA’:



3. Can I audit what has been done?


 See before and after values:


If you want to go back to previous value, Just be sure to check box in left column to update to the old value:


4. My excel file isn't naming columns correctly.

Look at your original excel doc to make sure first row is column names (and not a title or other misc info). You will need to go back to excel doc, delete extra row then re-import.



5. Can I see what eAuto Service Lease Records I haven't picked up from Lease App to reconcile? 

If you want to see what eAuto Service Lease Records have not been considered through the app, go to Misc / Eauto Leases Not Mapped. 

Use this function to inactivate lease records in eAuto.

This will help you find any eAuto Service Lease Records not uploaded to your app via a batch:



6. How can I tell if lease portfolio vs. eAuto shows lease as Active or Inactive?

Updated versions to our alert show column indicating if Lease Co portfolio and eAuto Service Lease Record is "Active":


7. Why does Great America show a lease as active when it was disposed of months ago?

Per Great America "we still have the machine and it gets removed when we dispose the machine.  It is not ideal, but we may be having a system update in the next year (2020) that might clear this up."


8. How do I stop the app from linking to a specific lease?

You can use the ignore mapping function to delete the mapping between a lease record in eAutomate and one you have imported. To do that:

A. Find the lease in the list and click on the trashcan icon to delete the mapping:


B. Then click on the - icon to ignore the mapping:


C. You can still find these ignored leases by clicking on the Show ignored check box in the search filters:


To undo the ignore mapping, click on the + icon



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