ID163 - Sales Order Status Report where order type begins with VariableW Overview & Sample

This alert is for clients who utilize Sales order status, order types, and even Notes on sales orders and want to keep their salesreps notified of current status on their equipment orders. So the alert finds all orders that are not (Canceled or FulFilled) where the order type equals the values you enter in VariableW, and reports back the OrderNumber, Status, OnHold Code (if applicable), Date released Off Hold (if applicable), $$amount, and if you are using the Notes on sales orders (little yellow sticky icon) to enter in text regarding the current status (Waiting DNA, Waiting Lease Approval, etc) we will include those the date/creator and note for the last note entered on the Sales Order. This is meant to be only the reps Open orders, and should not be confused as an alert to be a complete reporting of all fulfilled/billed orders for a period. It's strictly Open Uninvoiced orders so reps know the status of their uninvoiced orders. You should provide a ToAddress2 and CCAddress2 so that we have valid email addresses in the event that you do not have email addresses setup for the sales rep and their manager (as associated in eAutomate ). You may also specify up to three custom property attributes (not required) from the salesorder to include on the alert. Specify those attribute names in VariableX/VariableY/VariableZ as needed.


VariableW: Select orders where OrderType is equal to values you enter here (multiples separated by comma)

VariableX, Y, Z: CustomPropertyAttributeName to include on alert - you will need to set and build these in eAuto. Our alert will look for those listed on variable and show Custom Property content on alert email.




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