ID956 - Opportunities reps are not on top of. Overview

ID789 can tell you about customers not using all of your Key Services so you could track things like Promoters at Customers not using you for Managed Services, but your sales rep may say these guys are not a fit when in reality you don't know if they have even asked.

This process will look in your CRM for a specific completed activity and show a list of Customers matching your specified criteria without the matching activity code. This could be used for ensuring reps are on top of lease end deals, had talked to customers about additional services, had contacted customers with models that are now discontinued etc. Similar opportunities tracked in ID593 - Service Call that's a possible Sales Lead.

We are starting this with Compass Sherpa as we have more clients running that. We're also not certain exactly how well this will work and need some volunteers to help us build and test it. Sign up for the alert or post here and we can sign you up.

You need to define all the activity codes we are going to work on. For example if you have an account where there are contacts that love you for your copier service (Promoters) but they are not using you for Managed Print and you want to ensure that a rep has contacted that account to see if they are interested, then you need an activity called something like "Check if Managed Print Prospect", we then check to see if they have completed that activity type for that account. The sales manager can review the notes (we could have an additional automated process for this) to see what the rep said about the opportunity for Managed Print at that account.

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