ID890 - Servicing Dealer Sync ITT Security

ID890 will sync service calls and meters between dealers using CEO Juice. We sometimes get asked what data leaves our server to go to the dealer we sync with and how secure is that data.

Communication is never from one Dealer to the other. All Dealers communicate through a central CEOJuice server. Communication is via web services. All communication is encrypted using TLS 1.2.

Once data is on the CEOJuice server, the primary payload is encrypted using a 256 bit asymmetric encryption algorithm. There is some data that we store unencrypted, but it’s nothing useful to anyone other than CEO Juice, sending/receiving Dealer #, serial number (but nothing more about the EQ), Call # (but nothing else about the Call), received timestamp.

Data on the CEO Juice sync server is transient, nothing is stored long-term. Once a payload is picked up by the receiving Dealer, it is deleted from the CEO Juice sync Server within 10 minutes. Any payload that is never picked up by a receiving Dealer is deleted after 3 days.


For both Caller and Description, the data transmitted is whatever was entered in the Call by Dispatch. Most Dealers enter a Name and Phone # or email address. We are not syncing the Contact info from the eAuto Contact module, it’s just whatever was typed in the free-form text field in Dispatch.

These payloads are encrypted (TLS 1.2) during transmission to/from CEOJuice. While they are on the CEO Juice sync server, they are encrypted and stored in a MS SQL Database.


Service Call sample payload:

{"SenderIs":"Servicer","ceoJuiceCustomerNumber":"038","Caller":"John Crumpton - 205-585-0287","CallID":86636,"CallNumber":"SC87634","Description":"SAYS CHECK STATUS AND CALL FOR SERVICE  SPOKE TO John 205-585-0287","CancelDescription":"","CustomerName":"CUSTOMER NAME GOES HERE","CustomerNumber":"013940","BillToCustomerName":"DEALER NAME GOES HERE","BillToCustomerNumber":"013440","EquipmentNumber":"C1008","SerialNumber":"GNW55500","CallType":"SC","Category":"CM ","Model":"C5035C","ModelCategory":"Can Copier Clr","Make":"CANON","LastUpdate":"2018-06-05T14:22:07.003","Status":"H  ","Date":"2018-06-05T16:46:00","ReqDate":"2018-06-05T17:37:00","EstStartDate":"2018-06-05T20:46:00","Notes":"","AddressStreet":"22240 CHESHIRE BRIDGE RD NE","AddressCity":"ATLANTA","AddressState":"GA","AddressZip":"30324","CloseDate":null,"Territory":"Default","WorkOrderId":72714,"RescheduledCallID":86566,"SellerEquipmentNumber":null}


Meter Reading sample payload:



In addition to this payload, we also store a few unencrypted items:

CEO Juice Customer # and Name for the Sending and Receiving Dealers, ID of the record (SCCalls.CallID, MTMeterReadings.MeterReadingID), for Calls, the Call #, email addresses at the Dealers for exception notification (from the ID890 Subscription)

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