ID864 - Sales Reps Warehouse Aging Report Overview & Sample:

Some clients setup virtual warehouses for their sales reps as a control process (sales admin knows not to bill anything for a rep's sales order that does not exist in his/her warehouse). Client wants to send a list of items transferred to reps warehouse more than VariableX days ago because that represents items that have not been billed yet.

Requires that you setup an Attribute (type lookup : warehouse) and assign that to the Employee Custom Properties and then use that to assign the rep's warehouse to the employee record (see below for steps in eAuto).

Task will send one email for each warehouse to the employee only, and then a second email to the Manager with all his/her rep's inventory listed. The manager's email also goes to the ToAddress/CCAddresses specified on the subscription.


VariableW: CustomPropertyAttribute used for Warehouse Lookup assigned to employee record, defaults to ZCJSalesRepWarehouse (Required)

VariableX: Only show items more than X days since transferred into warehouse




eAuto Set Up:

1. Create Attribute (via Lists & Codes) matching VariableW on your subscription (default is ZCJSalesRepWarehouse):

**Note Data Type is Lookup and Lookup type is IC_Warehouse_Active


2. Assign attribute (via Lists & Codes) to Employee Configuration:


3. Create Sales Rep Warehouse (via Inventory / Warehouses)




4. Assign Custom Property with Warehouse Number in Sales Rep Employee Record:


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