ID667 - Updated Leases in eAuto, GALC Batch Upload

Our lease app can sync with your GALC Leases. First you must enter your API Key on our subscription site, please this LINK for how to.

Once your API Key has been entered, please access your Lease Mapping App:



For users with old login to apps (not using updated security login using your CEO Juice website login credentials:

Login: user

Password: lease667


The general overview of this process:

1. Create a batch of Great America Lease details per GALC. 

2. Once the batch is imported into the Lease Mapping App, the mapping app will be populated with a comparison of your spreadsheet details to your eAuto Service Lease details


Step by Step Instructions: 

1. Select Import / GreatAmerica


2. Select Fetch Lease Data from GreatAmerica


As it downloads, you will see: 


Once completed, you will see batch with details. Your batch is now ready to begin for mapping. CLICK HERE for Step-By-Step instructions on mapping, reconciliation, and updating eAuto.






4. Go To Leases:




5. Now you are in the mapping portion where you can select various filters and see the differences and likenesses between GALC lease information and your eAuto lease information:

*When doing this for the first time, we recommend leaving all default filters as is, but change Lease Co. filter to GreatAmerica.

Columns in light yellow pulling details from your eAuto Service Lease

Pink area highlights when there is difference between GALC and eAuto


6. Now you can go through each line item showing differences to check that you are OK with the lease app to update your eAuto Service Lease.

You will notice you have varying options on whether to check/update individual rows or to bulk check/update a field for ALL with differences. Note in sample below, we used the 'Diffs Only' filter to only see those with differences.


7. Once you have checked off all that you wish to update in eAuto, then select 'Bulk Update':


App will show how many records succesfully updated:


And don't worry, you can always undo it! Just go to Misc / Settings:


Select Delete All Mapping:




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