ID667 - Step 1: Update Service Leases in eAuto, Importing Templates & Creating Other Lease Co Batch

You can use our Lease Mapping App to update your eAuto Service Lease details with the spreadsheet from your leasing companies (i.e. DLL, GE, USBank).  From the USBank website you'll need The Maturity Report.

The general overview of this process:



Please access your Lease App:


Login: user

Password: lease667

**If you already have created a template for this company, then please scroll down to Step 6 **  



2. Select Add Template (we have pre-populated template for US Bank available you can use if you like)


3. Name your Template (i.e. DLL, GE Captial)


4. Default template format populates. You will need to assign Column Name per your lease company spreadsheet in the LeaseCompanyField (at least for those with green check mark indicating required):


5. Have your lease company spreadsheet available to you so you can see its column headers and how they directly correspond to the template:


As you go along the template, make note of indication whether column header to be mapped is at lease or asset level:


Be sure to save your template once completed:


Will see template is updated/saved:


6. Now that you have needed template, you can create your batch for the Other Lease Co. Go to Import / Other Lease Co:


The lease companies listed are based on lease companies used in your eAuto Service Leases:


7. Import Steps as follows:

  1. Select the lease company you're importing for
  2. Choose the lease company excel spreadsheet file from your PC
  3. Upload the file
  4. Once uploaded, you will see quantity of records uploaded and a preview of the information and what information has come through


 Then scroll down to create batch (5)


You will see batch with details. Your batch is now ready to begin for mapping. CLICK HERE for Step-By-Step instructions on mapping, reconciliation, and updating eAuto.



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