ID173 - Equipment Returned to Inventory thru Invoice/Credit Memo with Cost Overview & Sample:

If users are not careful and are doing a negative qty (trade-in, even exchange, etc) on a sales order the returned serialized items are brought back into inventory at their original cost. 75% of the time that is way overstated b/c the item may have been sold over a year ago, sometimes 2 or 3 years ago. This is a daily alert showing the serialized items that were pushed back into inventory thru a negative qty on a sales order so you can validate that the item was brought in at the correct cost. You can specify to see ALL serialized items brought back in..or only items with a cost 0 by entering ALL in variableW for all, or COST in variableW to only see items where the cost affecting inventory was not = zero. This alert ignores inventory updates thru voided invoices b/c typically invoices are voided only so they can be corrected and rebilled.


VariableW - Enter ALL or COST (Show all items returned to stock or only items with a COST on the order/credit back to inventory)

VariableX - indicate branch numbers you wish for this to alert to fire on OR leave blank for all branches to report



*Please note column named Transaction pulls from the note written to the item ledger at the time of the transaction. 

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