ECi Hosted Clients Launching Apps

How Clients access the Apps:

1. Email for your company's unique URL.

2. Once you have the URL, you will need to create an Add-in Manager link from your e-auto Tools:


Name and list URL provided to you by CEOJuice:


Once you select QuickAdd, then you will see this menu option under Tools:


Click on it and it will take you to listing of available app your organization is subscribed to:

THIS LINK provides listing of all our available apps



setting security access

Setting Security Access

If you see a security error, then you will need to reach out to your company's CEO Juice Main Contact so security access can be set up for you:

The CEO Juice Main Contact (ask if you're not sure who this is) has Admin rights to add you with needed permissions to each security app. These security settings are accessed via security in apps listing:


Add new user (based on ECIHOSTED\UserName login name, the user name would be the ECIHosted login used to log into


 Add their login name, (login used to log into, select Save


Assign rights access for an app to the user by clicking the + button.

Red means user currently does not have access to that app


Remove access to an app by clicking the - button

Green means user currently has access to that app



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