ID798 - Advise Tech of Transfer to his Warehouse Overview & Sample:

This alert will advise a Tech in real time (within fifteen minutes) of completed inventory transfers into their Tech Warehouse. You have the option to advise either Field Techs or All Techs via VarW, and whether to report ALL transfers or only transferred via the ILC (Inventory Logistics Console) via VarX.
The default schedule for this alert is every 15 minutes.
Variable W - Name of Employee Custom Prop to Identify Field Tech: The custom property attribute assigned in employee record identifying who is a Field Tech. Default value is ZCJFieldTech
Variable X - 'ILC' to trigger only on transfers generated from ILC: Set to 'ILC' to trigger only on transfers generated from the Inventory Logistics Console, or 'ALL' to report on all transfers. Default value is ALL.
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