ID670 - Contracts Volume or Revenue less than Variable - Overview and Sample

This alert is designed to review low volume or low income contracts over a prior period to determine feasibility of renewal. There is extreme risk, with little potential reward, on individual contracts with zero or very low volume base and very little volume. This alert will help identify those contracts you should review/renegotiate to include a higher base amount, or possibly cancel the contract. 
**Please note, the revenue and clicks columns are a sum of all the invoices. (Divide those columns by the number of invoices to understand how it relates to your variables.)
This alert runs monthly on the first by default.
Variable W - Minimum # of Months Contract has been Active: Minimum number of months the contract has been in place before the alert will trigger. Default value is 12. 
Variable X - Volume used less than (clicks): Volume used less than number to trigger alert, in clicks. Default value is 10,000. 
Variable Y - Revenue less than ($): Revenue less than number to trigger alert, in dollars. Default value is $500.00.
Variable  1 - Branch Numbers to trigger on, separated by comma, or leave blank for ALL
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