ID364 - Quarterly Parts Usage Trending for Past 6 Rolling Quarters by Equipment Territory Overview & Sample:

This alert is a custom report on parts usage trends that can be accessed from the custom report section of eAutomate. The report will allow you to group by either Model, Technician, Branch or Territory assigned to the equipment record. The report includes the average monthly volume for the remaining active equipment in the field as of the time the report is run, as well as the number on contract. It will aggregate the quantity used by the group by option chosen, and will show both quantity used and cost for the item for the past six rolling quarters.

This alert has no variables.
Report Filters:
Items - Include all items or filter (Default is all)
Models - Include all models or filter (Default is all)
Technicians - Include all technicians or filter (Default is all)
Territories - Include all territories or filter (Default is all)
Cut-off Quantity - Include all or set cut-off Quantity (Default is 0, this is the total item quantity used across all rolling quarters)
Cut-off Cost - Include all or set cut-off Cost (Default is $0.00, this is the total item cost across all rolling quarters)
Group by - Can group by Model, Technician, Branch or Territory (Default is model)
Sort by - Can sort by Item, Quantity used or Cost used (Default is item)
Hide Details - Yes/No (Default is No; when Yes is chosen, only the Group by header will be shown and you will not see any item details)
Format results for export - Yes/No (Default is no)
Sample Report:
Changing the Group By on the report filter will change the way that the items are grouped. Please be aware that the grouping is based on the equipment record. If you have only one Branch assigned to equipment records, grouping the report by Branch will roll up all equipment records into one group. This report is dependent on your analytics being up to date.
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